Butternut and Lamb Potjie

8 pieces of lamb chops
4 onions (two chopped and two quartered)
3 table spoons of mixed, chopped, herbs (thyme, rosemary, parsley, oregano)
Olive oil for frying the meat and onions
3 large carrots (chopped)
1 large butternut (1/4 chopped into small blocks, the rest chopped big).
1/3 of a bottle of red wine
2 heads of broccoli
2 tins of tomato and onion mix (called ‘sheba’ in South Africa) 
2 handfuls of baby potatoes
Black pepper

Get the pot quite hot, fry the chopped onions and brown the meat by putting in some olive oil, fry the chopped onions till they start going translucent. Then put the meat it and brown, add some black pepper and salt to taste. Put in the potatoes, carrots, small chopped butternut, tomato and onion mix, mixed herbs and then the wine. Add the big butternut pieces and  broccoli op top. Turn down the heat so that the pot is simmering slowly. Cook for at least an hour, preferably two.

Note: A Number 3 “potjie” should serve about 5 to 6 people. The dish should cook for at least 2 hours.