A winter warm favourite. Lean beef mince, on special for R49.95/kg this week.


500g Lean Beef Mince*

1 box Lasagna sheets

1 Onion

Fresh herbs – basil, thyme, sage

Mardouw Extra Virgin Olive oil*

Funky Ouma Woeste Salt ( Free of colourants, MSG and allergens)*

Farm fresh full cream milk*

Wildebraam Jalapeno Relish*

Montaan cheese*


Chop and fry your onions using Mardouw’s olive oil till they are medium brown.

Add chopped fresh basil, sage and thyme.

Add your fresh lean mince and season with our Funky Ouma Woeste Salt to your taste.

Add Wildebraam’s Jalapeno Relish and mix it through.

Prepare a white sauce on the side with 2 spoons of butter, 2 spoons of flour and 500ml fresh farm milk – available at your country butcher. Stir well until it thickens.


In a bowl, start layering your ingredients as follows:

Half of your mince mixture

One layer of lasagna sheets

Half of your white sauce

The rest of your mince mixture

Another layer of lasagna sheets

The rest of your white sauce

Grate Montaan cheese on top and bake at 180 C for 1 hour.


Serve a fresh salad or freshly baked Ciabatta’s and enjoy!


*Ingredients are available in our store