The Country Butcher is no ordinary butchery. Our aim is to create a one stop shop for all your fresh daily needs.

We offer a meat selection, free range farm eggs, full cream farm milk and our latest addition, freshly baked bread.

My husband is the Butcher who is extremely passionate about each peace of meat and I, the Baker.

Here is why our breads are different.

We start off using the right ingredients. This means that our bread contains no preservatives, no additives or chemicals. The flour is unbleached, naturally rich in fiber and nutritious.

Secondly we use a traditional method of baking a Ciabatta, taking up to 20 + hours from start to end. We follow each step carefully, mixing, folding and shaping each one to perfection.

The end result a crisp crust, a somewhat soft, porous texture, and light touch. They are simply irresistible and availible at The Country Butcher daily.

Watch the space for some more variety coming soon # Sourdough’s.