7 Jun 2018

All About Chickens

What is the difference between grain-fed, free-range and pasture-raised chickens A. Grain-fed chickens are raised using conventional and industrial farming methods. The chickens are raised and confined in small cages or spaces for twenty-four hours of the day. Their only purpose is to gain mass as quickly as possible, and to reach a certain weight, so that they may be marketed on mass. Free-range chickens, however, refer to chickens that have access to the outdoors

13 Sep 2017

Creamed baby spinach

An easy spring dinner with our baby spinach special. R12.99 for 300g 3 Simple ingredients 300g Pack of chopped baby spinach (Now on special for R12.99) 1 Big onion 250 ml Sour Cream (I love the Lancewood extra thick) Method Chop the onions and fry in olive oil until golden brown. Add the pack of baby spinach 50ml water and close the lid for about 5 min Flavour with salt and white pepper. Add the

16 Aug 2017

a Broccoli feast

Simply delicious broccoli soup. I think we are all holding on to that last bits of winter, hoping she will stay a little longer. This broccoli soup has been a winter favorite. My go- to soup, simply delicious and easy to make. Ingredients 1kg Country Butcher Broccoli (On special this week for R24.95/kg) 2 Big onions 1 Big potato Olive oil Smoked paprika 250 ml Sour Cream (I love the Lancewood extra thick) Chicken stock

22 Aug 2016

The Country Cottage

A proud new addition to our Country brand. The Country Cottage offers you a private self catering, country stay, with all the winter luxuries that makes you fall in love with winter. Our beds are fitted with Egyptian cotton and luxury quilts. There is plenty of firewood and this quaint cottage warms up in no time. Just pack your clothes and arrive to a fully stocked fridge pre- ordered from our Country Butcher. Nothing beats

30 Jun 2016

Yes we are still blogging our potjie, this time with lamb. This is a delicious recipe, made by my grandmother. Always warms you up and is great the next morning too.

Butternut and Lamb Potjie Ingredients: 8 pieces of lamb chops 4 onions (two chopped and two quartered) 3 table spoons of mixed, chopped, herbs (thyme, rosemary, parsley, oregano) Olive oil for frying the meat and onions 3 large carrots (chopped) 1 large butternut (1/4 chopped into small blocks, the rest chopped big). 1/3 of a bottle of red wine 2 heads of broccoli 2 tins of tomato and onion mix (called 'sheba' in South Africa)  2 handfuls of baby potatoes

8 Jun 2016

Time time time for an Oxtail potjie.

Time time time for an Oxtail potjie. Its winter time and that means potjie time and who makes a better potjie than South Africans. My favourite potjie is a good South African Oxtail potjie. Once seen as an afval product, grew in popularity over the last few years. The secret to a good Oxtail potjie is time time time. At the Country Butcher we always stock A grade Oxtail. We have attached a nice easy

18 Nov 2015


An all rounder, a utility meat, a good for all occasion meat and the ultimate "go to dish", The Sosatie. At home, a sports match, a braai or camping, the Sosatie never lets one down. No need for knifes, forks or plates, this South African local is great, hot of the grill. We understand the importance of a great Sosatie, that is why we select only the finest ingredients for our Country Sosaties. Starting with the

14 Jul 2015

The Butcher and The Baker

The Country Butcher is no ordinary butchery. Our aim is to create a one stop shop for all your fresh daily needs. We offer a meat selection, free range farm eggs, full cream farm milk and our latest addition, freshly baked bread. My husband is the Butcher who is extremely passionate about each peace of meat and I, the Baker. Here is why our breads are different. We start off using the right ingredients. This